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Trade Finance Assistant (Head Office)
Posted: 2020-03-26 / Close: 2020-04-26

Job Title: Trade Finance Assistant (Head Office)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepares Remittance Report, Outward and Inward
  • Acts as system Creator for all Outgoing T/T transactions and other SWIFT financial messages (MTs)
  • In-charge of getting Remittance Application Forms from Compliance Department
  • Records and counts the receiving T/T forms
  • Pass the T/T forms from Branches and Outlets to Accounting Department for posting
  • Prepares daily sent forms for Compliance checking
  • Prepares daily sent forms for Audit checking
  • Prepares cover Overseas Funds transaction
  • Go to NBC and other banks to do Cover Overseas Funds
  • Prepares Foreign Exchange transactions Reports
  • Prepares NBC Report, ITRS payment and receipts
  • Guides new staffs and supports in their training
  • Handles other tasks that maybe assigned by Senior T/T Officer, Senior Operation Manager and CEO


Job Requirements:

  • Have at least 1 year working experience at CAB
  • Computer literature (Ms. Word, Excel, Power Point…)
  • Ability to handle a team
  • Have ability to effectively communicate in English
  • Have problem solving and decision making skills
  • Be honest, initiative, creative, and having high commitment and good inter-personal skills

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